Separated Parents Orders Training Program – Online Program

Posted on June 9th, 2017

A Program to improve Post-Separation Parenting made especially for you!
• Forget about taking time off work
• Forget about organising a babysitter
• Forget about the long delays with accessing other such programs

The SPOT Program [Separated Parenting Orders Training] has been developed with you in mind. Your time is precious and time with your children even more so. So, instead of figuring out when you are going to be able to organise someone to look after your children, in order to complete a program such as SPOT – all that you need to concerned with, is deciding when to sit down at your computer to complete the program, and doing so at your leisure.

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SPOT Online Program



Module 1 – Understanding Court Orders

Module 2 – Children – Developmental Stages

Module 3 – Post Separation Parenting Planning

Module 4 – Becoming an Effective Co-Parent

Module 5 – Co-Parenting in Adversity

Module 6 – The Importance of Children Being Allowed to have a Meaningful Relationship with Each Parent

Module 7 – Moral Issues – “I’m right and You’re wrong”

Module 8 – Tips for Resolving Conflict

Module 9 – Maintaining Communication

Module 10 – From the Children’s Perspective


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